Hi everybody....

As I said before, I will have my IELTS exam on 20th of Dec. However, I have a practice exam tomorrow, and can anybody check for me my graph writing today and give me a nearly band for that...

Thanks for your Co-operation
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N B: can anyone tell me how can i attach a photo or a graph to my post

Sorry if I over explain this.
I do not know how much HTML knowledge you have.

To post an image to a web page such as this forum, the image must be on a server,
and not only on your hard drive (unless you have it running as a server).

If you have an URL for the image you can post it using an HTML code.

An image URL is a web address that ends with the name
of an image file with a file extension name such as .jpg or .gif
does NOT end with the .html extension.

Ending with .html would be a web page URL which will not post in the image code.

Do you see that both end with .gif or .jpg?
Only image URLs like this will work in the image code.

Here is the code to attach an image to a post to this forum:

But you need to use the arrow brackets <
instead of the flat ones [
As you would with any HTML code.

(I can't give the code example with the arrow brackets
because then the brackets and code would vanish in this post)

So if you type (or copy and paste) this...
(but with the arrow brackets)

...to a post, you will see this:


(I removed the image of The Beatles "Abbey Road" album cover
before the hosting site changes the url and a rude image appears in its place -m)

in the post.

I hope this helps.

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This is more than enough, thanks alot Trellis.....Emotion: smile
Sorry to but in Trellis and Star but cheers Trellis, I've just learnt something from that too.

I also like your choice of pic!
Abbey Road. Great album.
But I wonder if I should be posting pics from another web site to this forum?
Maybe that is not a good idea?

What did you learn?
The image code?
that I know some codes? heh Emotion: smile

Do you need any other HTML help?
Do you already know bold and italic & etc?
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I loved that picture it reminds me of this summer and of a beautiful time!
Hi Trellis,

I learnt how to post a picture!

I think somewhere on the site there are instructions on how to make things bold and italic but I'm a little too lazy to look for them. If you do have a spare minute or two, could you explain it to me?


Hi Chris,

Bold and italic and very simple codes.
I am sure you will learn them instantly.

HTML codes are invisible/hidden commands that tell web pages how to appear.
They tell browsers how to assemble and present HTML files when you load a web page.

HTML codes are put between the .

Anything put between two arrow brackets will vanish on the web page.

You can see the examples in this post
because I have "broken" the codes by adding a space beside each bracket.

When you actually use these codes for posts do not include any spaces.

So it would be or or or like this with no spaces
always with the

In all examples below I will break the code with a space.

To use bold or italic in a post
just type the codes as you see them below
but remove the sp ace and it should work fine.

If you put this code here
(without the spaces)
then the word here will show as bold.

or starts the command to make the text bold
ends the bold command.

(In other words HTML codes are not cAsE sensitive)

All the text between and will be bold.

Italic is the same thing but with an i or I instead of a b.
starts italic and ends it.

Was that ok?
Make sense?

It is easier to explain this in an instant message chat or email
because then I can type the codes without the spaces.
If you get it from what I said here then it is good enough.

Sorry if I over explained it.
I tend to do that.
Nothing personal.

Try making a reply post here using these two codes please.
So I can see that you got it.
A little feedback is always encouraging.Emotion: smile
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