Topic: Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.
In our time, some people may hold the idea of living in a small town meanwhile others prefer to live in a big city. While both the two choices may have their own features, they can be chosen by different groups of people of society. In contrast to a great extent of people who argue that living in small towns is better than living in big cities, I myself deem living in big cities is more sagacious. There are numerous conspicuous aspects why I prefer to live in a big city, some of which I would mention here. The main reason for my propensity for this idea is that lots of facilities which are necessary for education are concentrated in big cities. Besides, the worth noticing fact why I advocate the issue of living in big cities is that in these kind of cities there are lots of work opportunities for youths. Furthermore, it is undeniable fact that in big cities the recreation facilities are more than small cities.
Education and the related matters play an incredible role in our life. Our future depends to a significant extent on our ability and knowledge. Statistically when we assess the quality of education facilities in large cities and in small cities, we can easily notice that the education conditions in big cities are better than small cities.
Moreover, in metropolises due to its development in industrial field, the work opportunities are more than small cities. We know that the work is one of the premiere requirements for life of all youths. Many youths and families prefer to live in big cities and stand against its difficulties, but have a good work and outcome. For instance, a lot of my friends who live in small cities immigrate to metropolises for the sake of work opportunities.
In addition, besides work, people need to rest and have recreations in their life. People get bored of day to day life, business and work and need to change their moods. People need to have recreation in their life and it provides the related requirements. In big cities, there are a lot of this kind of facilities that people can spend their free times there.
In a word, taking into all the aforementioned factors, we may logically reach the conclusion that living in big cities can be more enjoyable and better for people. In these kind of cities, people can provide better life for themselves and their families and also guarantee the future of their children.

Hi Amir,

Essays are highly structured formal texts, and that is what the teacher expects from you to produce. Structure is very important! Always plan out your essays before you start writing them.

In the introduction, you need:
- A general statement: This introduces the topic/issue to the reader.
- Background: 1 or 2 sentences to provide some details about the topic.
- Your thesis/purpose statement: Explains your position regarding the essay question.

Then you need some body paragraphs. Each paragraph should deal with only one point/idea!
In each body paragraph you need:
- Topic sentence: This introduces the point you want to explain in the paragraph. It must relate to the essay topic too.
- Supporting sentences: These elaborate on and explain the point.
- Example sentences: These give specific examples to prove the point.

- Concluding sentence: This restates your position, and typically starts with "In conclusion,"
- One or two sentences summarizing the findings of your body paragraphs.

In your case, you could write one body paragraph about the better work/career opportunities in big cities, and another about the better living (e.g. healthcare or educational) facilities there.

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I sincerely appreciate your assistance.Thank you
You're welcome Amir. Emotion: smile
Rewrite your essay bearing in mind the points I mentioned and post it to the forum.