Hi ,everyone .I want to have a English name . Actually I have a few choice but I don't know which one is better :CHLOE,DEVIN,DANI . Beside these, have anyone have any good suggestion ?? (I AM GIRL BUT i DON'T REALLY WANT A GIRLISH NAME ) thx~~
Your three choices aren't traditional English names! And names vary hugely from country to country - I can only answer from a UK perspective. Chloe is a French name - but it's quite fashionable at the moment as a girl's name. Most of the Chloes in the UK are under 16 years old.

Devin is a made-up name. Sounds like a cross between the man's name Kevin and the county Devon!

Dani is a nickname for Danielle. It's a less popular name than previously, so most Danielles in the UK will be in their early twenties.
I like Chloe. It sounds classy.
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I like Chloe the best.
I like Dani and Devon too.
Those three choices are pretty good. However, Chloe is a pretty "girly" name (I've never heard of a guy who's name is Chloe). Out of the other two choices, Devin and Dani are pretty similar. As a suggestion for a name similar to what you're looking for, I think Dillan would be a very suiting name. That's a name suitable for guys or girls. Personally, all of the girls named Dillan who I've met are VERY pretty and incredibly fun.
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Now, after your insight, I changed my mind again. I will need some time to find a final decision.