I have translated a text from polish and now I wonder whether it sounds naturally in english. If anyone could have a look at those sentences and tell me whether I am right, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance
here are my questions.
1. First of all how can I name "international conferences, seminaries, workshops and meetings with research workers " - projects, undertakings, activities?
2.close contacts or close relations with institutions or both?
3.popular and specialized publications or popular and specialist publication?
4.Does this sentence sound naturally:"The centre was founded thanks to prof dr hab Elzbieta H. Oleksy’s diligence who is currently its manager" diligence or maybe rather efforts?
Thanks once again.
1. First, it would be 'seminars' rather than 'seminaries'. The list you give is so various, that I would use the general word 'activities' or perhaps 'professional gatherings'.

2. 'Contacts' would be made from time to time on demand, while 'relations' would be ongoing and relatively continuous, so you can choose the word appropriate to your context.

3. I like 'specialized' but both are OK. There is also 'dedicated' and 'trade' (if for business).

4. If I may revise: 'The centre was founded through the efforts of Prof. Elzbieta H. Oleksy, its current manager'. (Usually a simple 'Prof.' is used, irrespective of the referent's full qualifications.)
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Emotion: smile