I have just read an amazing story, that inspired me to face my life. I tried to translate it for u all, with some modification. I hope some one will read id and give a comment about the story and also the grammar as well.

A story about a wise teacher, student, and a glass of salt water

There was a wise teacher who had many students. One day a student came to him. He saw there is no smile in his student's face. He ask the student " why don't you smile as usual?" . The student aswers " I have so many problems in my life. i don't know why there always new problem everytime and it's make me hard to smile." The teacher smiled and then said " Take a glass of water and two spoons full of salt." The student toke what his teacher want and back to the teacher after some minutes. "Pour one spoon of salt in the water and then drink it" Eventhoug the student a little bit confuse, he drink the water. " Tell me the taste of that water! " the teacher said. Then the student answered " It's sour, very sour." The tacher said, "let's go to the lake." The student followed his teacher to the lake near them. "Pour a spoon of salt into the lake, and drink the water of that lake." The student did his tacher suggestion.
" How is the taste of the water? " The teacher asked. "it's fresh, very fresh and cool, as the water of that lake comes from fresh and clean rain. " The teacher said, "did you feel the salts taste?". "No." the student answered. Then, the teacher smiled again and said '"That's just the same with what you have to do in your life. Actually, God gives all of us the problem, no exception. The problems which is got by all of the human in the world have been fixed with their capability, so actually there is no too complicated problem, so that someone can't solve that problem. What you have to do of all of your problems is just make your heart and your soul become as wide as the lake. So, eventhough there are many problem, you won't feel it as very complicated one, as you didn't feel the taste of salt that you have put into that lake."
Then, the student smiled..
Nice story, Ilma. Here are some suggestions:

Line 1- He saw there WAS no smile ON the student's face.( Use Was because of SAW) IN means inside, usually, and ON means on th surfice, or outside.
Line 2- The student answers,
Line 3- Problems in my life. I
Line 3: Always= everytime, so delete EVERYTIME.
Line 3- There IS always a new problem- sentence requires a verb.
Line 3- it makes it hard for me to smile= Adjective plus for plus pronoun plus infinitive(to plus simple verb).
Line 3- The teacher then said,- comma before quote.
Line4- The teacher TOOK
Line4 what the teacher WANTED
Line4 and CAME back
after A FEW minutes
line 5- Even THOUGH the student WAS a little confused, he DRANK
line 6 - The TEACHER said
line 8- The student FOLLOWED the teacher's suggestion.
Paragraph 2, line 2- "Did you feel the taste of the salt?"
The problems which everyone in the world have are given to them according to their capability.
So actually there is no problem that is so complicated that we can't solve it. What you have to do WITH all of your problems
Next to last line: Even though there are many PROBLEMS. You won't feel THAT any one IS TOO complicated
This is a very nice story, Ilma thank you for sharing.

My suggestion is about the fourth line of the second paragraph. " The problems which ARE got by all of the humans in the world..." will be better.
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Ilma! it is a nice and intresting story. Reading your story encouraged me to post my own.