Meditation on Life
Erin Michelle Wilcox

What is the purpose of a man’s life?
Is he meant to live in constant strife?
Or, is there another purpose here?
The answer to this question is clear.
Man is commanded to strive with sin,
That his heart might become clean within.
But that is impossible, you say.
Yes, but by the pow’r of God, he may.
Saved by God, and His wonderful grace,
What e’er the trials a man may face,
He is given power from above
(From our dear Christ and His selfless love),
To battle sin with the sharpest Sword,
That Book of books, the Word of the Lord.
Each day is giv’n that man might prepare
His soul for heaven and its peace there.
But when his body has breath no more,
His soul will then fly to heaven’s door.
And then, forever, his soul will rest
In the arms of Christ, whom he loved best
Hello Erin

I'm interested in your past tense in the last line: 'loved best'. What made you choose a past tense?

Do you know the poems of George Herbert, by the way?

Hello MrP,

Thank you for getting back to me. I chose the past tense for the following reason:

1. The man is now dead. He had loved Christ with all his heart with all his heart while he was alive. Now to those who remain and look on his life, he had loved Christ in life. While he still loves Christ in heaven, from an earthly perspective, speaking of his life, it was in the past.

I hope that made sense.

No, I don't know the poems of G. Herbert.

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Hello Erin

You may find Herbert's poems interesting – their themes resemble yours. Here are a couple:

[url=""]The Collar[/url]

[url=""]Love (III)[/url]