How r u ?

How is everything ?

My teacher told us ' that she want from us 2 do something 2 her '

to analyze one character in the story ...

Can anyone help me

If u can , I'm going 2 write the story here 2 show u the character...

The name of the story is ' The jewelry ' by ' Guy De Maupassant '

she want it before Tuesday ...

Can u help me,,,,

see u ...

Hi, sweet eyes, I think that character analysis is the best thing ever, it gives you a chance to think deeply and if I were you , I'd never have asked anyone to do it for me, but let's assume that you need the topics of analysis . I hope they're going to help you.Emotion: big smile

1-Decide whether this character is main or secondary.And describe its features and personality.

2-Try to explain its role in the story depending on the plot you have.

3- Try to find out if this character helps in the develpment of the plot.

4- Mention your idea about it( if your teacher likes this, of course)

p.s. I wish you would benefit from this outline, I hope you all the good luck with your assignment.Emotion: smile
Hi ...

How r u man ?

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everything u said it is right but, I have a lot of thing 2 do it

because of that I want your help.

see u

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Unfortunately, I didn't find the story anywhere yet. I even becme interested in finding the story and reading it.