In a couple days I'll be taking the SAT of Oct. 6. I really need to get ready for this test. Like two days ago in my English class I took a sample grammer test of the SAT and I did poorly. 7 question right out of 42 and I didn't even finish the test! I became depressed after learning my score. I can't understand why I received such a low score if I'm passing my Honors English Class with an A. Anyways.......

Can anybody post a link that provides grammer questions or tips to improved my grammer skills? I really need the help. Thanks for your time.
You will find more material than you can possibly read before October 6 by using Google or a similar search engine. Just put in the word "grammar", or any of the topics within grammar, such as "grammar verb" or "grammar sentence tense" -- that sort of thing. Be sure to spell the word "grammar" correctly!Emotion: smile
Hi L W48,

If I were in your shoes I would find as many SAT books that had sample exams as possible. Then I would lock myself in a room with a ball and chain around my leg. I would do test after test after test and keep going until I finished them all. As you go through the grammar portion, you will learn what they are testing for. After a period of time, you will discover that there is a pattern or rhythm to the questions. It's actually rather fun watching your score rise over time as you begin to catch on.

Fear is a great motivator for learning. You can learn a tremendous amount in a short period of time if you are focused.

Good luck.

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Well for one, I'm not the type of guy who likes to study, however for this test I am very focused to pass it. I just got 1 SAT book and it already seems to be helping me out really well. I'm only page 50 out of like 800 and I've already learned a lot but I can't retain everything I learn. I tend to forget information easily.
Don't just do new tests every day. Revise. Repetition is the mother of learning.
Good luck.
always phrase get confiused me. Please teach me how to tackle with that types of confiusion?
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(Which one is exact?)
It sounds as if the boss is angry, Who with?
Whom with?

1. How much do you need? (I know this one is correct)
2. How much you need? (I know this one is incorrect)

If 2 is incorrect, why the following sentence is correct:
Tell me how much you need. (indirect question so no need to put “?” mark)

Are all the followings describing same meaning & grammatically correct?
• Who are you inviting to the party?
• Whom are you inviting to the party?
• To whom you are inviting to the party?

(the use of “been” is very tricky to me)
pls….Whether the following sentences are right or wrong
1. I admit I’ve been foolish. ( Active voice & present Perfect continuous)
2. Dundee Council have been trying to improve the roads. ( Active voice & present Perfect continuous)

3. The patient had died before the doctor came. ( Active voice & Past Perfect)

4. They informed that her bag had been found. ( Passive voice & Past Perfect)
5. They informed that they had found her bag. (Active voice & Past Perfect)