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It's amazing.
BasilHi! I want to offer you the list of higly recommended literature: One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel - Garcia Marquez;
Now I read this book. I found it amasing, really. In fact language and style is very simple but at the same time so complicated...

I most liked unexpected turns of events, and that writer doesn't in detail express feelings and thoughts of heros instead leaves them on readers' own judgement.
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"How to get friends" for daiel karengi (sorry for mistake of name, if some one could correct it i'll be thankful)

The Book is "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. It's a truly wonderful book and very useful. Everyone should read this book for better social skills.

I have the complete book on Word and PDF. So if you want the book, I don't mind to send you a copy.