11.1. You have met the neighbor who has entered the university:

1) Tell to it about the plans for the future;

2) ask on its future specialty;

3) Prove the choice

Hi anil .how are you doing there. It’s been ages since I’ve seen you and quite a lot has happened I ‘m so glad to see you. Where have you been all the time? I heard that you had left our school and entered Law College. Hey, is that true? Is it interesting to be a law student? I hope you are enjoying your college life and you must have also made many friends congratulation. My best wishes are always with you.

As for me, this my last year. It is a very important time for me as now I have make a correct decision on what career I have to chose and I ‘have to be in future. Some of my classmate has chosen specific subjects and want to get specialized education at proper technical schools

I’d always been interested in to be a doctor as my future plan is work in England but I am not good enough in English so I will have to work hard so I’ve decided to enter the English language department. I’ll also be giving the FCE and TOFEL examination from the Cambridge. So I can easily study in England in London to complete my course of hospital management and work there.

Well, it was really lovely to see you. I’m glad your dream has true. All the best for your future anil. Take care. Bye.
I do hope that your teacher didn't give you that question as it gives me serious doubts about their English ability! You can't refer to people as 'it' for a start, and there are lots of other errors.

You have a nice natural and fluent writing style. You just need to be a little more careful with your verb tenses sometimes and plan your sentence ends/starts more carefully. Also, Anil is a proper noun, so always needs a capital letter.
your teacher is incredible! nice writing Emotion: wink