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In this short paper, i have to briefly talk about the priority actions that the company has to be taken when a crisis occurrs

Priority actions when the crisis occurred

The company should have five priority actions to response to the crisis.

When a crisis occurred, the company should act immediately.

The company should form a crisis team, assign spoken person, and address the message to the public. The message needs to be clear, concise, and in one voice. In addition, the company should dispel any rumor from spreading.

After addressing, the company should start internal investigation by hiring external organizations because if a company investigates internally, the public may judge the accuracy of the results. In addition, the company should communicate with FDA with the latest investigation.

The third priority action is that the company should communicate with the company’s lawyers to get ready for future lawsuit settlements, and ask for legal advices.

The forth action is that the company should contact the product management department. The company should make sure that they locate the infected products, find the causes of the products, identify suppliers that are affected, and contact consumer affairs.

The final priority action is that the company should contact the consumer affair. If recall is necessary, the company should provide retailers with instruction, inform the customers about the recall, and get ready to answer questions from the customers.


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I already answered this in your other thread.