my name is pranjal i am preparing for my board exam and i have a high pressure in english language.

so i want you to check my letter

Dear Mohan

I know that how it feel after been failed in the examination but you should not make plans to run away from your home because of your frustration. Instead you should work hard for your next exam sincerely and you need to find the mistakes you did in your examination and correct it. Running form a situation is not the solution instead you should fight and win against it.

You should take advice from other people that how to get good marks. Your parents will give the best answer to this question as they have the experience about it. I also can give a advice that you should read the text book everyday and should balance the time of playing and studying. Never start studying 2 months before the exam study everyday.

I wish that in the next exam you will get good marks by using some ideas given by me and you parents.

Your lovingly


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