Dearest Peter,

Wow!!! I’m so thrilled by your “surprise birthday party” for Ann!

I’m more than pleased to help you organising the “big event”.

Let’s discuss your main ideas.

I do agree with you, we need to make sure the people involved will keep the secret.

Why don’t you write down a list of the persons Anna would be happy to have at her birthday?

It will help us to know the number of people who might participate.

Then, I would send them an e-mail titled “ARE YOU ABLE TO KEEP A SECRET…?” followed by your invitation and a clear explanation of your birthday plan.

Talking about the location, the Majestic Hotel would be very elegant and fancy. However, I’m afraid it is extremely expansive. You need to figure out what your budget is.

I would suggest a different solution: I could ask my brother if his theatre company can rent us their rehearsals room. Then, I would call a catering service.

If I were you I wouldn’t choose a watch as a present to Anna. As she adores travelling, I’d rather think of a week-end journey to a European capital city.

I know that the party organisation will be a lot of work. So, I’m really sorry not being available the day before the birthday. I’ve already scheduled a meeting with an important client of mine.

My last suggestion.

It would be nice to connect the party to the country where Anna will “be sent”. Giving you an example, if her journey is to Madrid all the guests should dress in kind of Spanish style, the band could play some Spanish peace of music, and so on.

Hoping my ideas can help you, I’m looking forward to having your feed-back.


Hello, Kri.

Informal letters are friendly communications between acquaintances, and should honestly reflect the writer's use of the language. Please send it as it is-- it is quite pleasant and understandable.
Thanks a lot! Emotion: smile

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Other than the fact that the second sentence (which is where I stopped reading) is grammatically incorrect.