Have you ever heard a story about one person with an average academic record would be able to excel because of a certain dream?

In order to help the scholarship council know more about me, I would like to give a brief description of my achievements, as well as my career orientation and aspirations about the university I have chosen.

Have Come a Long Way to Where I am Now

As a background of 11 years of excellent students, but I suddenly realized that I am not really good at any field and quite vague about my future. So, in the summer of grade 12, I decided to find a new way to learn, which could help me find out what kind of occupation I fit in. During that time, I eliminated the “parrot” learning way- not deeply understanding the subject. And it is surprising that this method has helped me to become the best student achievement in the last semester. This story facilitate me to recognize that “There are no limitations. The only limits that exist are the ones in your own mind.” Besides the time spent in learning, I also participated in many social projects and summer camps to gain more experiences and develop myself holistically. Forthcoming, I will also join a number of environmental projects and volunteer activities, aimed at raising the personal consciousness, as well as helping to make society more civiliable.

What distinguishes me ?

  1. My perseverance: I stick to my goal until I am sure it is impossible for me to reach.

  2. I will try my best to grasp any opportunity available to me.

  3. I know who I am and what I want, know which kind of schools and programs will fit me well

My Interested Fields

Seeking to ride the tide of the times in an era of Travel, I chose Hospitality (Hotel) Management as my major without hesitation. And HIU is the best university that can help my dream turn into reality.

Why I choose HIU ?

From its web pages and brochure, I got to know that the cooperation program between B.H.M.S and HIU fits my interest very well. The program enables students to study for 2 years in Vietnam and then transfer to Switzerland and also receive a double diploma from B.H.M.S after graduating. It is probably known that Switzerland is the “cradle” of the Hospitality & Service Industry and

is one of the most livable places in the world. Moreover, when studying in HIU, students are allowed to study and practice immediately at the HIU’s hotel and restaurant. In addition to theoretical training, this program represents a unique opportunity to increase my respect for other cultures and open my eyes wider at the world. Thanks to HIU for creating a truly meaningful and professional program.

My career goal

After graduation, I would like to work in a hotel as a manager to gain more practical experience.

I also have a dream that one day I will cooperate with some businesses to start up a top quality hotel that brings unforgettable memories to all travellers, because “quality creates trust”.

I am keenly aware that pursuing further academic research through a scholarship from your university would enhance my academic and career development in many ways. It would not only help me independently, but also reduce my financial pressure. Such a four-year opportunity for learning this program is rare, and the scholarship would make this an even more valuable and meaningful experience, instead of wasting time on unrelated part-time jobs or thinking about how to save more money. Those reasons are indicated why this program's scholarship is appropriate and necessary for me.

In the future, I would like to share what I have learned in HIU as much as possible with people who aspirations are similar to mine, especially young people. And I believe that your school will give them invaluable support, such as the support already provided through Lê Thị Thuỳ for Hotel Management Program in those year. I have been influenced by many alumni, so I wish that I have the chance to influence others one day.

I understand that your programs are highly competitive. But I do cherish challenge very much and hope you accept my application. If I am lucky to receive this scholarship, I am sure that I will be the pride of HIU university and I will do my best to become a successful student.

Last but not least, it will be greatly appreciated if you can give a favorable consideration to my application for acceptance and financial aid. Thence, it will enable me to influence more people and help them to become a good manner. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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i'm sorry, i can't answer you properly but i think you shouldnt just say i stand out because of these x y z factors or i am an excellent student. About what distinguishes you, you could tell a little story that shows how unique you are, how you dealt with some hard situations etc. Also, they know if you're an excellent student with stading out grades, they probably saw your gpa or something, but that's only my opinion Emotion: smile