The table gives information about the number of tourists traveling abroad from 1990 to 2005.
Overall, the total changes of people who went on international travel had an upward trend. It was noticeable that Europe reached the highest out of the five areas.
In 1990, the figures for America; Africa; Asia and the pacific are 80,5; 18,2, and 60,2 million, respectively.
During the following 15 years, Asia and the pacific outnumbered the others, increasing two folds compared to 28,7 million people of Africa. In the meantime, after increasing moderately by 37,3 million between 1995 and 2000, the figure for America underwent a fall of 5 million in 2005.
Looking to the table, Europe had 280,2 million visitors in 1990 compared to just 9.8 million people of the Middle East. The year 1995 saw a remarkable soar of 110,1 million, this figure continued to rise and
stood at 400,2 million in 2005. Also, there was a slight growth of 6,2 million in the Middle East.


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