The graphic illustrates the rainwater collection process in an Australian town used for drinking.

Overall, rainwater goes through seven steps, which can be grouped into three main stages, including collection, filtration and use for drinking.

The seven-stage process begins when rainwater that slides of from the rooftops is collected by a gutter and then runs down the pipe at the side of the house into a drain at the bottom. Each house collects rainwater in this wayand this stream of water then runs through underground pipes before passing through a water filter in order to remove any sendiments and impurities.

Once it is filtered completely, it continues along the pipes into a storage tank. Following this, the water experiences a water treatment phase in which it is treated with chemicals to ensure that the water is save from bacteria and germs. Finally, when the water is ready for drinking, it travels along pipes that lead back into the houses where people can use for daily consumption.

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