Please can any one explain when will we use the present perfect contionous??

i have given two situation that i faced:

For example:

i have been to france

the mountain has never been climbed by any one

first one i can understood . (it's meaning is i have an experience in the france AM i right??)

please expalin the second one??
Hi S123VA

Your question is about the present perfect simple (not the present perfect continuous).

Yes, your first sentence could refer to your general life experience: At some time in your life, you visited France. When you visited is neither stated nor important. It it only important THAT you visited.

Your first sentence could also refer to a very recent visit to France. If that is the case, then the present perfect might be used because your recent visit to France has some sort of direct effect on the present.

Your second sentence refers to all of the time before and up to now. The situation could change and be different in the future, however. Perhaps someone will climb that mountain for the first time tomorrow. So, your sentence basically refers to an unfinished or incomplete fact (very similar to the idea of your general life experience up to now).

For example, if you say "Three people climbed that mountain on October 1, 2007", it is not possible for that fact to change. But if you say "Three people have climbed that mountain today", then it might be possible for that fact to be different at the end of the day. Perhaps when today ends, a total of four or five people will have climbed the mountain.
<< the mountain has never been climbed by any one >>

In addition to Amy's explanations, it should be noted that this is a present perfect passiveconstruction.Emotion: smile