„Good evening, dear madam. Can you show me way to the Pardubice, please?“


„Wait, please!“


„I curse you!“

„Oh my God, that woman, she looked so strange. As ghost. In a few moment come husband and I haven’t clean and cook. I expect, that I cath up it.“

„What´s happening, Baryk?“

„It must be husband.“

„Be quiet, dog.“

„O, Virgin Mary!“

Do you like this story? Maybe it is true, maybe not. Odds to what do you believe/It´s been oddsed what do you believe.

And as every hoary place, Pardubice has a lot of legends and snake stories. But this town is know for gingerbread, what have tradition already by the Middle Ages, the Great Prize of Pardubice City, horseracing famous on all world and the Perštýnské Square headed by Green Gate, of course.
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The dialogue makes no sense. It has no context and no structure.
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For the first part:

"Good evening, madam. Can you show me the way to the Pardubice, please?"


"Wait a moment, please!"


But I can't find a likely equivalent of "I curse you!". Can anyone else?

Maybe she's a witch or something and is threatening him, saying "I will curse you!" (so don't get any closer to me..)
I think the speaker may be cursing the woman because she won't stop to give him directions. Is that right, Anon?
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"Oh my God, that woman looked so strange! Like a ghost. In a few minutes my husband will be home, and I haven't cleaned or cooked. [I'm going to catch it now...]"

The part in square brackets is a guess for "I expect, that I cath up it".

Best wishes,

Thank you very much...yes, she's witch and want curse this women...
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