Question: The presence of technology in the classroom has become more and more apparent and offers students tremendous resources with which to supplement their education. Given time , technology will completely replace the traditional teacher in the classroom.

My answer:

It is an apparent fact that technology is an increasingly important part of today's classrooms. While I agree that it enhances students' education, I completely disagree with the view that it will wholly replace real teachers in schools.

Intelligent machines provide some significant benefits to both teachers and students. Firstly, if teachers adopted a flipped classroom approach, they would save oodles of time. For example, they use video recording to deliver instructions in basic maths and students can replay them how many times they want to grasp the concepts. So, they can spend class time on advanced skills and give detailed answers to their students' questions, which will more likely to boost education outcomes. Secondly, when young people are exposed to technologies of learning from an early age, they will obtain technological skills considered valuable for the jobs of the future. Finally, the teaching strategies based on educational technology could make lessons more compelling and increase students' engagement because they engage in online, digital environments.

Nevertheless, despite the advantages of technologies, human tutors will still take central roles in education. Since students go to school not only to learn content but also to gain essential life skills taught by people. When children contact with their teachers and their classmates routinely, they will most likely to know how to build a real-life relationship, start a real-life conversation and solve real problems rather than being disconnected from the real world by attractive features of smartphones. As a result, with the help of teachers, students can bolster core life skills from a young age and will excel in the workplaces in the future.

In conclusion, while I support the view that technology supplement young people's learning experiences and improve teachers' performance, it is wrong to believe that it will sideline tutors in the classrooms of the future.

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