Dear all

Could you please send me a feedback about this motivation letter. That's my first one in English!

I'm grateful:



Street Name XX


Tel: + 0000000

Mobile: +00000000

17 July 2006

Mr. Resp.

Street N°

00000 City

Tel.: +0000

Multi Media-Software DEVELOPPER

Dear Mr. Resp.

I am writing with reference to your e-mail to M. X forwarded on July 7 proposing a job position as a Multi Media – Software developer for your CityX branch. Working in a multi-cultural enterprise has been one of my objectives since the beginning of my career. In addition, since my diploma project is based on E-learning and distance communication, this position would be a good occasion for me to develop and follow up the path I have started.

As you may have already noticed in my Resume, I have a two years experience in Management domain. Moreover, my curiosity in IT domain and desire to learn more made me to restart my studies in IT management. I also have experiences in customer and client relations. During my studies in MyUniversity, I have increased my knowledge in Programming, Data Basing and some multi media works. For concluding my studies in this university and due to my ambitious spirit for transferring the knowledge to others and serving people, I have chosen a diploma project based of an E-learning module. This application allows medical students and doctors to learn the use of a medical device called “MEDICALSCOPE”. Beside the technical aspects of my life, my aspiration for learning languages gave me this opportunity to learn 3 other languages beside my native language.

For more information about my experiences and interests, I invite you to look at my Resume, enclosed with this letter.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my Resume and I look forward to an opportunity to speak with you in person in the coming week.

Sincerely Yours,


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Dear all

This letter is mine. I was not member here before. Now it's done. I hope I will get a feedback very soon.

Thank you very much for your help

It's not totally clear to me, but I assume you are writing this 'cover letter' because you are applying for a job. If so, here's a quick and short general comment.

I'm the manager at the company, and I start reading your letter. Hmmm, he's telling me all about himself, and why this job will be good for him. Hmmmm. I have all these problems in the company and I need somebody to help me. I wonder if he is the kind of person who understands that I have problems and I need help. Or is he just thinking about himself? In what ways can he help me?

Best wishes, Clive
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Thanks a lot for your feedback. I'll try to work on it.