Could you please help me correctly explain this by telling me which word to use?

The kids emptied the bottle of soap in the bath. We came in to a lather/came in once the soap had lathered and overflown in banks. We decide to clean it tomorrow. When we came in the next morning. The bubbles had _______. (Disappeared)? (What goes in the blank? Vaporized?

If the sink/drain can’t drain as fast as the water is filling it/filling up in the sink, it must be clogged. (How would you turn this?)

When you are drunk, it feels like everything take you forever to do/it feels like it take forever to do things. (Which is correct? Is there a difference?

Your blanket is in a cuver cover and it isn’t turned the right way. You ask your wife :

I’ve got the foot of the blanket. Rotate it please.

Is it correct to say : The blanket isn’t turned the right way.

thank you


The kids emptied a whole bottle of liquid soap in the bathtub when they were taking a tub bath. The resulting mountain of soap bubbles completely engulfed the tub and the bathroom. It looked impossible to clean, and so we left it to try to clean the next day. But by the next morning all the bubbles had popped and there wasn't a single soap bubble in the bathroom.

If the sink is not draining when the faucet is turned on, the drain must be clogged.

When you're drunk, it feels like everything will take forever to do.

I've got the bottom of the blanket by my face. Turn it around so the bottom of the blanket is at my feet.