Do you agree or disagree? It is easier for parents to raise children than it was 50 years ago. Do you know elders help children to learn morals and children love to enjoy the company of the elders? Have you gone to sleep while listening to the experiences of your grandparents? Today, raising children is challenging because they are habituated to electronic devices, and it's hard for the parents to make them study. Plus, working parents roughly have time for their children so recruiting personnel for taking care of their kids. First, in the earlier generations, people are not aware of the technological advancements so they dedicate their quality time with their kids, whereas today even parents are getting used to the digital era. As a result, as children follow their parent's path kids are imitating the behavior of their father or mother. For example, my sister's son Neil always plays video games on phones and concentrates less on his assignments, thereby, his grades drastically decreased. This is because of Neil's addiction to electronic gadgets where he derived it from his father who loves to spend time with gadgets. Therefore, if parents restrict their habits, children will follow them, consequently, they focus on academics which might increase their productivity. Whereby, raising children from appealing games and other attractions makes the process simpler. Second, in the past people had only limited sources and fewer opportunities, but now increased professions enhanced more working-class families. This means as both the parents are working these days they are more reliant on babysitters for taking care of their children than family members. For example, in earlier days grandchildren can be taken care of by grandparents or their extended families. When I was 7, my granny takes care of my needs and she shares her experiences which I enjoyed a lot. I have had most cherishable movements, however, after coming to Amherst my parents leave for the job and I am alone after school. Therefore, my mom employed a babysitter for me yet I feel the loneliness and lives in my solidarity. I never opened up to my mom about my feelings, so raising children like me is really tough job for my parents. Hence, I believe raising children is difficult than in the past. In essence, I think parents need more patience and support from their family members to raise this generation of kids. This is because of increased children's addiction to game consoles and decreased quality time of parents with family, so I disagree with the statement.

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Do you agree or disagree? It is easier for parents to raise children than it was 50 years ago