Tap, tap, tap
I heared some body's walking
It sounded so smooth
Among the darkness

Tap, tap, tap
The sound was getting closer
I felt cold

Tap, tap, tap
I felt so curious
Who was that? or,
What was that?

But when I walked to the sound
The sound was going far
And faded away

Tap tap tap
I realized whose step was that
that's my grandpa's

Tap tap tap..
Then my tears dropped
Not enough information in it. 'Tap, tap, tap' is not so effective; it is just boring after the first verse.
It is not bad at all. You could also also say "But when I walked towards the sound". Also you could try to make some rhymes Emotion: wink
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
thanks sir. I will try to make it better Emotion: smile
OK, Gz angel. lols, if its bad, just say that it's bad Emotion: smile, i will appreciate it. Anyway, thanks for saying that it's not bad at all Emotion: smile

I think it's good for a sad song.

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