I have some words from a language

for example

zizi means yellow

shasha means red

In Arabic we have

look there is a repeat in letters .. .. it's redublicate

جل جل

this is an Arabic word which has a certain meaning

there are a repeat in letters .. it's redublicate

I want two words from any language with it's meaning.

please help
You'll find a number of reduplicated words in several languages if you google that phrase, Miryam.

Ta ta (bye-bye)

thanx friend for your help,

but I don't want English only

I want German , Indian, Dutch, Japanese, and so on

so please help

and you wrote ( ta ta ) bye bye

I want something like ( tata means bye) I mean all the reduplicate world has only one word as a meaning


(ta ta means bye bye)
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for example

here is one in English

(bonbon) it is one word and it means kind of sweets

I really need more and from different languages
DODO: French word that means, sleep/shuteye

JOUJOU: French word that means small toy

BABA: Haussa word that means father or Aunt

YAYA: Haussa Word that means senior brother/sister. Sometimes also used to say: What's the matter

Teletubby for vacuum cleaner
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Thanks friends for your help Emotion: smile
星星 Chinese, means star.

聊聊 Chinese, means chat.