My first is in spend,

but not in spent.

My second is in come,

but not in came.

My third is in bring,

but not in brought.

My fourth is in make,

but not in made.

My fifth is in teach,

but not in taught.

My last is in pay,

but not in paid.

My whole is an animal with long ears.

Which animal am I?
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Has Jesus taken a ride on you?
Yes of course, he has!!
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??? an elephant ???
"DONKEY" - I'm I right Matress?
Bingo! Vinodram has tailed the DONKEY!
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Vinodram"DONKEY" - I'm I right Matress?
Congratulations, you are very smart.
But still there is a red question mark next to the title..I don't like it at all..
Thanks!!! Matress [H]
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