Hello, everyone:

I have some doubts about the usage of "usually" and "sometimes". In the following sentence, "sometimes" is put at the end of the sentence:

I go there sometimes.

If that is true, can we use "usually" at the same position? Like:

I go there usually.

In the above sentence, there's no comma before"usually". Actually, I look up the word in my dictionary and found a sentence using "usually" at the end of a sentence, but it comes after a comma:

I'm not late, usually.

Is it possible that the comma can be eliminated? Please clear my doubt and I'd deeply appreciated!Emotion: smile[D]
Depends. For example, there may be a restaurant that you go to sometimes, or a restaurant that you go to usually. The difference here is that 'usually' implies that the restaurant is the one you're most likely to go to. So, you could be saying I go to restaurant A sometimes, but I go to restaurant B usually. In other words, you go to restaurant B more often than restaurant A.

I'm not sure whether the comma in "I'm not late, usually", is required. Personally I wouldn't use a comma if I was saying that though.
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Thank you! That's what I want to know.Emotion: smile

Personally, I would avoid that particular sentence construction as it sounds like you added the word usually as an afterthought.

Rather, I would say: - 'I usually go there'.

However, I would say 'I go there sometimes'. I am not sure why I treat these words differently but I do. In the absence of superior knowledge I would have to say either construction is acceptable.