The best way to reduce youth crime is to educate their parents with parental skills. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There has been a common belief that providing parents with parenting skills is the best way to reduce the rate of juvenile crime. Although I agree that it is a good method, I still think the roles of teachers and the government are just as important.

There are numerous reasons why most people consider equipping parental skills as the best option to stop youth delinquency. First, in most cases, parents are the ones that have the closest relationship with their children. With the time that they spend together daily and intimate connection, it is not hard to believe that parents have the highest chance to detect and prevent bad actions to happen. Furthermore, youngsters usually see their parents as their role models and tend to behave like them. So if the mother or father are well manners, they can set a good example for their children to follow. And the more those kids learn to distinguish what is good and what is bad, it is more unlikely for them to commit crimes.

However, I believe that if we truly want to solve this problem, we also need the help of the teachers and the government. In some cases, neglecting parents results in their child not having a proper childhood, with no one there to teach and help them, many children are led astray by bad people and later on commit crimes themselves. Therefore, schools and the government need to take action to prevent this from happening. The teacher can replace the parents and fix the minor's mindset, showing them why they need to be good people and stay away from violent acts. As for the government, they can provide better policies or funds for children that need help so that they will have a better chance at life.

In conclusion, despite the essential of parents toward their children, we cannot always depend on them only. I believe that together with the help of teachers at school and government efforts we can drive down the youth delinquency rate more effectively.