The diagram below shows how oil is expected in use of production of perfume


The diagram illustrates the whole process of extracting oil to make perfume.

Overall, there are several steps in the production of perfume from oil, from boiling the water to condensing it to draw out the oil.

In the first stage, water is boiled in a large pot using a strong heat source in order to extract the hot stream. After that evaporation process, the steam will go through a tube that is connected to a tank. Inside, there is plant raw material to separate the tank into 2 parts. One is to keep the normal hot steam that we just got and the other is for a vaporized essential oil that was taken out when the steam go through those ingredients.

Following that step, it is transferred into a condenser using a second tube. A coiled pipe is set inside that container so that when the vaporized oil goes through that part, essential oil is extracted along with some condensed water. In the final stage, they are going to use these two ingredients for different purposes in the process of creating perfume.

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