I am sorry I have to be an anonymous to open this discussion. I know I am not adept in the origins of this conflict but to those who are, it is hoped that you can offer solutions to the situation rather than talk and talk about the conflict. I am a Christian and somehow I am biased. But I know there are many Muslims who are good and I know they don't agree with what the terrorists are doing toward the Western world. To sow hatred by making suicide bombings and continuously threaten first world countries. What have you done to help solve this problem? Because you have done nothing, the conflict persists. I hope you can stand up and do something.

To the radical Muslims, have you not seen WHAT (your brothers who died as suicide bombers ) END DID THIS SERVE? Each of us has choice to do GOOD or BAD. Was it satisfying to witness the fall of the Twin Towers? Was it satisfying to witness the deaths of many people? Where is the GOOD in there? Is sowing fear and destruction the ONLY SOLUTION to the problems of the past? I hope you think really hard before supporting such acts of destruction. And I hope you reread the Quoran to guide you in your life. I hope you can peaceful ends to this conflict.
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Frankly I do not think the 'good' Muslims are going to do anything about it. It is somehow the duty of Muslims to stick together even when they know that some of their clan is doing wrong. They are just going to sit and watch their 'brothers' bombing citizens.

I believe also now that Muslims should not be encouraged to migrate in first world countries because it is easier to tackle your enemy from the inside than the outside. Now Australia is facing the danger of terrorist attacks? Their principal source of fear is from the Muslims residing INSIDE the country. When it gets so low: why encourage Muslims to come to other countries at all?

Peaceful end to this conflict-- I don' see it coming any time soon. Muslims will support Muslims or atleast not do anything about it. Westerners like Bush is not doing any better with his army troops so sorry, peace seems bleak to me.
There is a verse in the Quran, chapter 4, verse 29, that is interpreted by some muslims, I am not sure if by all of them, (muslims in the forum could help) as a prohibition for suicide:

4.29, Yusufali translation:
O ye who believe! Eat not up your property among yourselves in vanities: But let there be amongst you Traffic and trade by mutual good-will: Nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily Allah hath been to you Most Merciful!
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To Anon2:

I am a hopeful person so I have a very faint hope that someone, somewhere those good Muslims will do something about these terrorist attacks and threats to the Western world. Because these terrorist attacks, puts a shame to the entire Islam faith. Is it a faith who wishes to kill non-Muslims? Can they (the good Muslims) not lift a finger to at least put an end to this terror? WHERE ARE YOU? It is time to put your faith into action- that is fruitful and peaceful solution to the problem. It is just that maybe they never talk about peaceful ends but instead, everybody is blaming everybody. So the armed struggle continues. We cannot make war on terrorism because it is like putting fire on 'fire' so the fire gets bigger and in the end, it burns all of us. I fervently hope these good Muslims will sit down and talk about the terror brought about by these suicide bombings. I hope that in the end of their discussion, there is a realization that these only brings death and sufferings to all the families involved. And maybe during their discussion, they can bring the radical Muslims who hunger for blood to be calm and put vengeance behind and to start new lives from their broken past.

Hi Anon, I'd like to thank you for starting such an important topic, I like dicuussing such matters ,honest. Also , I want to thank Elina from spain and let me say,' You are 100% right.' The verse is just wonderful and I already memorize the whole chapter. Emotion: smile
Well, dear Anon I like always to be optimistic and so Thank You very much, when I read your post I felt both happy and sad. First, I'm happy since you asked the muslims to solve such a universal problem. Second, I'm sad 'cause it's a heavy load, and love believe me that we must all share in it. It's because of the fact that many countries throughout centuries have suffered from the same problem, it's a complex situation I know, but why not make use of each other's viewpoints and knowledge.Emotion: smile
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Hello friends,

Let peace be upon us all.

Dear anons, please don't consider these terrible happenings as a fight between two religions.We all know none of our religions support violence and it is also strictly prohibited.Hence it is a conflict between innocents and the extremists.I hope that you would agree that there are extremists on both sides.And the innocents are being killed on both sides.So the only thing that,we common people can do is,promote unity by having mutual belief in ourselves(without considering religion).Never consider the extremists as religious people!!Even,I am as angry as you,because it is the precious human lives which are under stake.Non-violence may seem to be a very mild tool,but it is exceedingly powerful.Hence let us follow it.

But sometimes it is really very hurting because many people come to me and ask,"Why are you people doing these things?Ask your people to stop things!!!".

Why do people seperate us from them?Am I not one among you?

I don't know what to answer them!!.I simply wonder at their ignorance.

And you ask us raise a hand to question against extremists.Will you give assurance for my safety? Even for this discussion you are anonymous because you know that this is a very serious and dangerous topic.Politics is far more different from what is being exposed to us.There are various hidden parts which are abstracted from us.So without clearly knowing the real facts it is not fair to discuss things in an abrubt manner .

If my words have offended anybody I'm sorry.Please do correct me.

EID MUBARAK to all of you.
The last anon after sweet desert was me.Forgot to log on.

fuck no
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