someone is calling me and wants to discuss a certain matter, I say to him : "can it wait till tomorrow?" I mean that I wish to discuss it tomorrow and not now, can it work?


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Can it wait till tomorrow? is a very common expression. It's fine.

That´s great, because I just translated from italian to english and was not sure


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Dear CJ,

We have other expressions as well.I'd appreciate you if you check the following ones for me:

Let's put it off for another time.


Let's procrastinate it for tomorrow.

Thank you in advance.

Let's put it off for another time. OK. Or for another day.
Let's procrastinate it for tomorrow. No.

procrastinate is not transitive so you can't procrastinate something.

Further, procrastinate means to put something off until tomorrow (Latin: pro cras = for tomorrow), so for tomorrow doesn't belong in the same sentence with procrastinate.

Yes, it can be used.
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Thank you very much for your thorough justification CJ.

So would you please give me some examples of "procrastinate"?


Dear CJ,

I´m not sure I got your example regarding "to procrastinate" do you mean that I can not say "for tomorrow" but just "let´s procrastinate it"?


Procrastinate does not take any object. You can't procrasinate something.

Here are some examples:

He is a good person, but his main fault is that he habitually procrastinates. He is a procrastinator.

His teacher told him that he should do the homework as soon as he gets home and not procrastinate.

You can put off something:

Don't put off studying. If you cram before a test, you will not do well.
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