Here is the draft of what i have written but i am not confident abt it.. please help me modify it..

Dear Sir,
Good Morning. This mail is regarding my leave application.
I request you to grant me leave from 1st Dec 2005 till Dec 27 2005.

Sir, as informed earlier & discussed with Mr. XYZ=t,i would like to split my leave as follows
Complementory Off - 5
Paid Leave - 14

Thanking you,
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I need a leave of absence from 31st March till 18th April 2008 for marriage so please accept the leave.
how to write leave letter for marrige
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plesase give me sample marriage application letter. i have to write an application for my marriage leave to my managing directer. my leave is starting from 30th june to 29th jully. plz help me to help.

Write what you would say if you were speaking to the person. Then post it here and we will help you with it.

Best wishes, Clive
Leave aplication
I would like to inform you that I am going to get married on 29/05/2008. For this reason I would like to apply my entitle married live and short leave total of 8 days starting 28/05/2008.

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,
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I'm not sure I understand this - do you have something called "marriage leave" and then do you have another type of leave called "short leave"?
how to write leave application for marriage?
Are none of the posts in this thread helpful?

What do your company require? This is not something we have in my country, so I don't know the format that is required.

What would you say to your boss in person?
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leave application

i would like to apply leave starting 20 May 2008 until 07 July 2008 long term leave for my married pupose my weeding date is 29 june 2008


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