I know that typically the married couple is addressed as "The Smiths", "The Browns" etc...

If I have to name the couple by their last name with the adjective "Just-married", can I put it simply like that:

"The just married Smiths"? If no, please tell me the appropriate variant. Thank you.
Yes you can put an adjective in there. I'd also balk at just-married as it sounds as though they are on the verge of breaking up!
Hello Kedra

I would say "the newly married Mr and Mrs Smiths".

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What about the recently married?

But as I'm not a native speaker let's wait for more answers.
Thanks, but I am rather interested to know if I can separate "The Smiths" by the adjective "Just-married"...
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Thanks, so shall I use it like "the recently married Smiths"?
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