hi!I‘m confused by a sentence from the song named 'Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life Lyric ' by John Denver .

Today is the first day
Of the rest of my life.
I wake as a child
To see the world begin.

On monarch wings
And birthday wonderings.
Want to put on faces.
Walk in the wet and cold.

what is meant by the sentence in blue?Thank you !can you paraphrase it for me?
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I'm confused by a few lines from a song by John Denver.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, I wake as a child to see the world
On monarch wings and birthday wonderings, want to put on faces, walk in the wet and

1.what is meant by 'put on faces'
2. on monarch wings=flying like a monarch butterfly. am I right.
3. can you paraphrase 'on birthday wonderings'?

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Cedric20081.what is meant by 'put on faces'
To pretend, to simulate.
Cedric2008 on monarch wings=flying like a monarch butterfly. am I right.
A monarch butterfly is a large migratory orange and black butterfly that occurs mainly in North America. The caterpillar feeds on milkweed, using the toxins in the plant to render both itself and the adult unpalatable to predators. I think you're right. Don't expect songs to contain exact grammar construction. A lot of details can be ommited in favour of the rhyme.
Cedric2008can you paraphrase 'on birthday wonderings'?
A birthday fuss, bustle or jumble.
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Daydreaming about flying like a butterfly and thinking excitedly about what I might get for my birthday present. I want to play-act different favorite childhood characters. I want to play outside, ignoring any inclement weather.
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I got it ! thank you :)
On monarch wings = on the wings of of a Monarch butterfly.

And birthday wonderings = and questions (about getting older) that arise when one has a birthday

I want to put on faces: this has no real meaning. I hear this as "I want to try on different faces as one would try on different kinds of clothes"

Walk in the wet and cold: this just means what it says.

Hope this helps. Larry Siegel
Hi can you paraphrase a sentence for me?

a boy's love is water in a basket.
A boy's love doesn't last very long.
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