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Can you please tell me if it sounds natural and what should be changed?

Inevitably, trading created human phenomenon of negotiation as opposed to tyranny in which somebody always wants something in return for nothing and which does not recognize the need for voluntary consent of the other person before it gets what it wants.

This is more or less literal translation, and I'm not sure whether tyranny can recognize and get what it wants, does it work in English? Or should I ascribe these things to somebody?

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Dear Antonia,

You may perhaps say:

Inevitably, trade gave rise to the phenomenon of negotiation, as opposed to brute force, in which somebody wants something for nothing and does not recognize the need for the other person to consent voluntarily to handing over whatever is required.

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Dear Goldmund,

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I guess the second part of the sentence is somewhat different but the meaning is (almost) the same. Thank you

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p.s. Can you please explain to me why trade instead of trading?
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Dear Antonia,

«Trading» is the activity. «Trade» includes also all the associations of the activity. It is perhaps the more abstract word.

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Thank you for such a prompt answer. It makes senseEmotion: smile