The bar chart compares the worldwide sales of Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG, and ZTE in three different years.

Overall, Samsung and Nokia were the two brands with the highest global cell phone sales in 2009, 2011, and 2013. In contrast, the sales worldwide of ZTE were the lowest of the five brands.

In 2009, Nokia had the highest sales of cell phones around the world, just under 450, while the second highest belong to Samsung with 225 global sales. Over the four years, there was a significant decrease in the global sales of Nokia at 250. In comparison, Samsung witnessed a dramatic increase to 450 in the worldwide sales phone and take the highest sales in 2013 compared with other brands.

The global sales of Apple in 2009 were the lowest at 25 but later went up sharply by 125 in 2013. ZTE and LG had sales at 50 and 120 respectively. However, the year 2013 saw a gradual decline of 40 in the sales of cell phones around the world while ZTE experienced a slight rise to over 50.

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