hello everybody!

I wonder whether you can recognize where a singer is from while s/he is singing.
Is it easy to say that a band is from US, UK, Canada Australia or any other English speaking country by listening to band's song?
It seems to me that many English singers put on an American accent. Elton John always sounds American to me (a Brit) but maybe not to an American!
I would say mostly not! Sometimes it's possible to figure it out at words such as 'can't'. If it tends to be an [a:] sound which would imply that it is rather british or an [ae] sound which would make it american. However you can never be sure if the band did not put on a fake accent which differs from their origin in order to adapt to the 'song's origin'.
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It is sometimes easy to discertain different dialects during song. If a singer from say, Ireland, was to attempt an American song, he would surely sound at least a bit different. No matter how hard an English speaker tries, it is very difficult to impersonate a different dialect of the same language...it takes much time being around people who speak it to attain that certain dialect.