Hey there! I love reading and I'm always searching for new books. Can you recommend me some interesting books in english? Thank you very much! Emotion: smile
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That depends on the field of your interests. How about the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien? That's my favourite book in English. Emotion: wink I also like "It's The Thought That Counts" by David R. Hamilton, "The Power of Now" and "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle.
Say: 'Can you recommend a book?' because your structure implies the notion: 'I recommend you (for the job)' or 'You recommend me.' You have mish mashed two things. I'm said I feel favorably toward the object of the verb recommend. You are trying to say: 'Please recommend a book to me' where the book is being recommended, the thing I am in favor of your reading. Thanks
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Thank you two for your answers.

Lord of the Rings would be a good idea. Emotion: smile I already saw the films. I generally like Fantasy, some Sci-Fi, but other genres too.

@Skype My English: I'm not sure if I exactly know why I can't say "Can you recommend me some books?", because for me it's a normal question... But I understand, you say it seems like I like to recommend you some books.. Would it be correct if I would say "I'm looking out for new books"?
"Can you recommend me some books?", because for me it's a normal question-- In your own language? It is not normal in English. Each verb has its own relationship with its predicate, and 'recommend' does not take an indirect object.
Tank you for your patience. Emotion: smile
Well, that's little hard for me to understand what exactly the problem is. Emotion: smile I'm not that good in english.
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SeverinTank you for your patience. Well, that's little hard for me to understand what exactly the problem is. I'm not that good in english.
Your "recommend me" is common enough in colloquial English, and everybody knows what it means. It is considered bad grammar because the indirect object "me" looks exactly like the direct object in such phrases as "recommend me to your boss", which employs the core meaning of "recommend". Your version is arrived at by a logical process that leads to a wrong end. "Recommend some books for me" becomes "recommend some books to me", which becomes "recommend me some books".

To answer your original question, I can't name interesting books because I don't know what you find interesting. I like Kurt Vonnegut and Douglas Adams in the genres you mention. Older authors in a similar vein are Lovecraft and Lord Dunsany. The Gormenghast Trilogy has perhaps the worst title of all time, but it is a tour de force of Gothic fantasy (at least the first two are).
Ah, so the order is wrong, "Can you recommend some books for me" would be right if I understand you right. How Mister Micawber said - in my language is that really different, we don't have to care about the order of the words like in english, so it's kind of difficult. Thank you. Emotion: smile
If you like Fantasy, I assume you have already read (or "you are already reading" since they are still on-going) both Jordan's The Wheel of Time and Martin's A song of Ice and Fire. I would also recommend Zelazny's Nine Princes in Amber saga, a masterpiece in the genre, together with Hobb's The Liveship Traders trylogy.
Outside the realm of Fantasy, I like Chuck Palahniuk, Kurt Vonnegut, Paul Auster, Patricia Highsmith.
(I've been only referring to books that were originally written in English).

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