Hello. I work at a univeristy in Asia. The school has asked me to pick a Business English textbook so that they can order it for my students. I have never taught business english before. Can you recommend a good textbook and one that has a teacher's guide also?

Thank you.
Hi, there.
Personally I found Market Leader a useful one. It is available in four levels and to each one there is a Teachers' Book together with a Text Bank and Activities to use in the classroom, a Test File and a Video Cassette with a Booklet. Addidtionally, you can find some ideas at www.market-leader.net.
Let me know which book have you decided on.
I seem to remember a book called "In at the Deep End" being very useful in business classes. Avoid "Business Basics" to retain your sanity.

Here is a worksheet that I made for business classes. Go to this address
and search for the item called "Business cards". If you use it, tell me how it went.

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I have to say that on that web adress there is no items with "business card". I've searched and i haven't find it! I wanna learn more english and I also need some good textbook. Could somebody help me?

Thanks in advance!
sorry, I found it!

I need some more excercises according to business english, thnaks!