Captain Fred took out his laser beam and pointed it at Troy. “Say goodbye to Zarco,” he said with a confident smile.
“Never!” Yelled out Troy. He too took out his laser beam and stabbed Captain Fred right in the stomach. Captain Fred rolled around for a bit, then looked up to Troy.
“You will never take control over Zarco,” he told the alien, then his eyes closed.

Troy looked over to Marcos. “Will you join my -”
Mama crashed through the kitchen. She looked at me, then covered her face and sat on the ground.

“Will you join my army? Or will you face Fred’s fate?”
“I will never join your -”

Mama let out a loud breath. I looked at her face. It was red, like she was crying.
I put down Troy and Marcos and walked over to Mama.
“Mama, are you crying?”
She didn’t answer. Tears came down from her face and splashed onto the tiled floor. She was crying.

“Mama, why are you crying?”
She didn’t answer; she wept softly.
“Mama, did you hear me? Why are you - “

Papa laughed really loudly upstairs. He was very happy. Shouldn’t Mama be happy as well?

Mama looked up from her hands and stared up at me. Her dark brown hair was all messed up and covering her eyes. She had a bruise under her left eye. Her light blue eyes moved back and forth.

“Stay away from Papa. He’s… not okay.”
“Of course Papa is okay. I heard him laughing upstairs. Why are you -”
Papa laughed again. He was coming downstairs.
“Go hide. Papa is not normal.”

I jumped backwards. Mama never yelled at me. I ran towards the washroom so I could hide. Why was I hiding from Papa?

Papa caught my eye. His eyes were moving back and forth faster than Mama, and his blonde hair was all messed up. He had no shirt on.

“Papa, why is Mama crying?”
“She’s very happy. Mama and I had a fun talk, and a wrestling match. She’s crying because she is happy.”
“Mama looks sad.”
“It doesn’t matter. We’re are going to - “ He started coughing. Papa was rarely sick. He was a doctor.
“We’re all going to have fun now.” He called out to Mama.
“Isn’t that right, Emilie?”

His voice was different. It sounded like he had a sore throat.
Mama started to cry louder. Papa started to laugh so hard he had trouble breathing.

“Stop it Papa, you’re making Mama sad.”

He made a face that quickly went from anger to happiness. He reached into his pants pocket, and pulled out his wallet.

“Oops, wrong pocket,” he said, then threw his wallet across the room. He was acting very strange. I didn’t know Papa was like this.

He reached into his other pocket and pulled out something that was big and metal. He started to put little silver seeds into a container in the thing.
“Take this,” he whispered. “Be careful, it’s heavy.”
“Papa, what is this?”
“Something that makes people happy. It’s called a gun. You point the side with the hole at someone, and you pull this trigger. It will make them happy.”
“Papa, why are you whispering - ”
“Shh… you don’t want to ruin Mama’s surprise, do you?”

I looked over to Mama. She was still in the kitchen, her hands covering her face. She was really sad. I wanted to make her happy.

“Now go to Mama, and cheer her up.”
I walked over to Mama with the gun. Papa helped me aim.
“When you pull the trigger when the hole is pointed at their head, it makes them happy right away.” He was still whispering in my ear.
“Are you sure this will - “
“Shh… It only takes one pull and it makes anyone happy.”

I looked at Mama.
I wanted to make her happy.
I pulled the trigger.


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I put down Troy and Marcos and walked over to Mama.

Are you holding Troy and Marcos? Are they babies? Troy has an army. How do you put these guys down? I'm confused.

The part about putting the bullets in the gun was confusing, too. Where did they come from? Bullets are much bigger than most seeds. Why would anyone think they are seeds? We don't put seeds into metal containers.

Otherwise, I enjoyed your story.