• Increase the number of squad places within our Men’s and Women’s A teams allocated to Under 21s.

Thank you!


It is very poorly written.

I assume that they want to add more people to the A-level teams which are for people under the age of 21.


If you don't know what a squad place is, then you're out of luck like me. My guess is that there are a number of teams in the "A" division each having a set maximum number of players. That number of players can be thought of as that number of places, that is, that number of job openings. These job openings are called squad places, the squad being the team. Each team must reserve a certain number of places for players who are less than 21 years of age. Those places cannot be filled by older players, so a team that does not fill its quota of younger players will be short-handed. The sentence speaks of making room for more of those youngsters and therefore fewer older players.

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