1. Seeing this, the angry owner advanced __________the donkey, stick in hand.

2. situated ________the river.

I thought of across for the second sentence, across, but I ain't sure if it is correct and wonder if there are other possible answers.
Hello Awence,

What is your guess for #1?

("ain't" is non-standard - use I'm not sure, not I ain't sure.)

#2 can have a number of correct answers - near, by, across -- there are probably more.
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My guess for number one is "without" and i do not understand what that stick in hand serves to mean?

In my opinion, the first sentence is some kind of a part of a story line. Perhaps the owner was mad at the donkey, hence he advanced TOWARDS the donkey, (bringing a) stick in hand (to strike the donkey). What do you think?

As for the second sentence, there are a lot of possibilities. Perhaps you could give a longer sentence with clearer context?

Hope that helps..
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He loves to see kites flying_______________ the trees

Towards near
She has lived here since december last year.
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