Hi everybody my teacher give us this exercice to do ( and i have donne it) but i need some one to give me correction this is the exemple :
Re-write These sentences a suggested :
1-We expect student to be ready for their exams.
2- Most of them are making great efforts in order to succeed.
Great efforts.....
3- " i'm going home on saturday " Said Max.
Max told us........
4- " i'll be back on monday morning " he added.
he added that.......
5- I want my brother to tell me the truth.
I wish......
6- It rainded all day yesterday, so i didn't go to the club.

well this is the exemple pleas give me you'r answear.
Thank's a lot.

Can you show us your answers, please, so that we can check them for you?

Anonymousand i have donne it I have done it.
Let us know what answers you had when you did it. Then we can comment.