Topic: How can animals be helpful to humans?

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Throughout our history, people have found animals are so useful that without them, we might not have survived as a species.

To begin with, animals whether farmed or hunted provide all of the meat we consume. Indeed, meat, which accounts for more than 60% in daily food, is an essential source of protein and other nutrients for human diet. As a result, we almost depend on animals for food supply. This can be exemplified by beef cattle. Their meat is used to make McDonald's hamburgers, which millions of people all over the world enjoy every day.

Another advantage is that the value of experimentation on animals cannot be denied. This is because numerous important discoveries in developing drugs and medical procedures involved in animal testing, which then ensures the health and safety of human beings. For instance, experiments in which dogs had their pancreases removed led directly to the discovery of insulin, critical to saving the lives of diabetics.

Finally, animals also make a significant contribution to the economy. There are many countries that designate large areas for wild animal species to live. These national parks serve as tourist attractions and benefit the economy when foreign visitors come to see them. Monkey Island in Can Gio can be taken as a typical example. Visitors who want to enjoy watching the antics of the monkeys have to pay about 70,000 VND, which will contribute to increasing local revenue.
To sum up, animals bring us numerous benefits as sources for food, medicines and in the tourist industry. Mankind has been dependent on animals throughout history as well as the present day.

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