Cook 1

Marcus L. XXXX

Professor Courtney Rankin

English 101

27 August 2005

What to expect if you decide to go there

My family and I recently moved to our new home in a new town. The town has a lot of restaurants. The restaurants are new and different from where we came from. After moving in a new home a few neighbors who also had just moved in stopped by and ask us if we have eaten at some the restaurants since we had been here longer.

One of the first restaurants that we visited is called Carrows. Carrows restaurant was a very quite place with a country feel from the front to the rear of the restaurant. . I was personnel touch with the playing of oldies but goodies tones. The people in the restaurant were an older group of people with not to much action going on like big screen television or a bar area. The menu was not to flash and the prices were good. The food had lots of flavor and was good it did not take that long to come out it was about ten minutes and the food arrived in large plates. The dessert menu was filled with old fashion dessert that was really good. The waiter was great and we never had to ask twice for anything. The restaurant was very clean. If I was grading the restaurants out of all the ones we had eaten at I would have given them a seven on a scale from one to ten.

The next restaurant we had eaten at was the Souplantation. The Souplation is an all you can eat salad buffet restaurant. Ok it was not my choice to go there but I went anyway. The restaurant had an up beat feel to it. The music in the restaurant was great it really made you feel comfortable. The group of people there was a mixture of young and old and just like the last restaurant no televisions or bar area. The menu was great, everything was hanging from the ceiling and you ordered and payeied at the same time. The food tasted great even though there is no meat at all on the menu. I loved that f that there was not server. You picked and what you wanted and seated you’re self. There was no dessert menu but they had an ice bar and a baker filled with cakes and brownies. If I was grading these restaurants out of all the ones we had eaten at I would have given them an eight on a scale from one to ten even though there was no meat. The menu was very healthy.

The last restaurant that we recommend was Tom’s farmers. I know the name sound kind of crazy and the restaurant furthers drive to get there. The group of people that was there was very strange there were bikers to cowboys. There was live music that played all types of music. The area was design in a country western theme which had tables outside so you could enjoy the outdoors. The menu was great, it had a wide Varity of foods, also it had a bar area and no television.
Here are some problem phrases, etc:

What to expect if you decide to go there -- Where??
After moving into a new home

had also just moved in stopped by and asked us if we had eaten at any of the restaurants,

Carrows. Carrows Restaurant was a very quiet place

I was personally touched by the playing of oldy-but-goody tunes.

people, and there was not much action going on,

to flash-- I have no idea what this slang means!

good; it

out; it


If I were

at, I would give them a seven

The next restaurant we ate at


Ok -- no OKs!

upbeat feel

great; it

just like the last restaurant, there were no televisions

great; everything was hanging from the ceiling (Really?!?)

and you ordered and payed

great, even

I loved that there was no server

You picked what you wanted and seated yourself.

menu, but

a bakery

If I were grading

at, I would give them

ten, even

I recommend is Tom’s Farmers.

sounds kind of crazy and it is a longer drive

strange: there

There was a live band

The area was designed in a country-western theme and there were tables outside

great; it had a wide variety of foods; it also had a bar area but no television.
I was born in the country of Bangladesh, and my father has land and rents to tenant farmers. He also had a store in Saudi Arabia and came home for a month every few months. My mother was always there to teach me and help me when I was growing up. We lived in a Village far from the city of Dhaka.

Bangladesh has always had a predominately Agricultural Economy. The fertile soil is the most important natural Resource in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi who lives in the countryside work on small farms that average 3.5 acres. Although modern farm machinery has found its way to Bangladesh, on most farms, oxen still pull the ploughs used to till the soil. Bangladesh’s economy faces many challenges and needs improvement.

Another part of Bangladesh’s economy is its Industries. The country has a thriving textile industry, with modern factories producing garments for overseas markets. Many of our local stores sell men’s shirts and ladies blouses made in Bangladesh. M y brother-in-law, who married my oldest sister has an office in Dhaka and has many enterprises. One of these is sewing. He has contracts with the military, to provide uniforms for the different branches such as Army, Navy and Air Force etc. I remember visiting this sewing area which was located behind my brother-in-law’s office building. Because the boss was related to me, I was able to talk to the workers. They told me that they started sewing at 6:00A.M in the morning and worked until 9:00P.M. They also worked 7 days a week. The sewing machines that they used would be considered antiques in this country. Even though they looked old they were very much able to turn out excellent finished products. The workers wore no shoes or stockings and seemed be very comfortable. The sewing machine operators received bonus money if they produced more than was required. I remember thinking as I left that hot and crowded room that I would try and find an occupation that didn’t have such long hours. I remembered those thoughts later in school when some subjects required much thought and a lot of work.

I started to school in a small building. There were about 15 to 20 students in the class. We would get out of class about 3.00 P.M. in the afternoon and then play soccer until we were so wet we could hardly drag our wet clothes around. When I was about 10 years old my father was concerned that I wasn’t doing well in school and he also thought that I needed more discipline. He enrolled me in a private school in Dhaka close to my sister’s house so she could come on weekends and visit me, or if I was sick she could come to the school to see me. At this boarding school we lived in 6 bed dormitories. We got a wakeup call at 6.00A.M. in the morning at which time we had exercises after which we had prayer time. The punishment for fighting was unpleasant and our families were summoned when we were guilty of such an infraction. One time I was caught fighting and my sister came and read me the riot act.

It seemed as though I had been getting sick a lot, so my father took me out of the boarding school. I arrived home in time to attend my youngest sister’s wedding. Because I had been sick I was as thin as a rail which showed up a lot in all the wedding pictures.

When a girl reached the age of 18 to 22 the parents usually decided it was time for her to marry. They would go in search of a suitable mate for her. They wanted a close match in the following areas. The couple should be close in education, same religion, age fairly close, family wealth about the same and appearances and ethnics about the same. These plans were quite successful as the divorce rate in Bangladesh is practically zero. The wedding ritual for my sister was quite long and complicated. The guests were invited by a member of my family personally. Great amounts of food were served to about 350 guests. The bride and groom wore wedding outfits that were made especially for the wedding and were very colorful and appealing to the eye. There were wedding feasts at both the home of the bride and the home of the groom.

I want to be in my home country 0f Bangladesh when I marry. Young people, including myself look forward to the Bangladesh wedding. I will delay my marriage because it will be worth it to marry a girl of my own race and religion. Even though I have been in the United States for over 12 years, the way my parents raised me will be the same as I plan to raise my children.