For each of the following five sentences:
(i) Identify the verb phrase.
(ii) Name the structure.
(iii) Label the parts of the structure.
(iv) Describe the functional meaning conveyed by the verb in the sentence.


I start work at seven every morning.
(i) start
(ii) present simple
(iii) base form
(iv) a routine

I was living in Peru at the time.
(i) was living
(ii) past continuous
(iii) auxiliary 'be' (past tense) + present participle
(iv) an activity in progress at a specified time in the past

I went to Thailand last year to teach.
(i) Went
(ii) Past simple

(iii) Base form (my new answer: adverbial of place) or 2nd asnwer inflected form

(iv) A completed action at a specified time in the past


She can speak Mandarin.
(i) Can speak

(ii) Present simple

(iii) Base form (my new answer modal verb 'can' + main verb 'speak')

(iv) Present ability or skill


I'm seeing the director tomorrow.

(I) I’m Seeing

(II) Present continuous

(III) Am/are/is + present participle

(IV) Definate future event (wrong)

you have not indicated what sort of verb "am" is here.

He's been a teacher for ten years.

(i) Teacher (my new answer: has been)

(ii) Present perfect continuous (Present Perfect)

(iii) Have/has + been + present participle (or subject + Auxilery verb (has) + past participle (been)

(iv) A state or activity that began in the past and continues down to the present

The school was founded in 2002.

(i) Was Founded

(ii) Past simple passive

(iii) Be + past particple

(iv) A completed action at a specified time in the past (wrong)

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