I tried a google search for the answer and it led me to this forum.

In my child's book "The Rooster Crows", it has this jingle:
ABCD goldfish?
LMNO goldfish.
OSAR goldfish.

I can't figure this out! I'm feeling pretty dense about now. What's the "get" here? Can anyone clarify this for me???

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I picked this up from the 'Net: Many years ago my father told about a teacher of his who asked the students to make a sentence out of any 4 letters in front of the word "goldfish." He claimed that he figured it out by answering "ABCD goldfish?" It has to be spoken. It means "Abby, do you see the goldfish?" In fact, I have heard this entire thing extended to "LMNO goldfish; OSAR! ICM!!" If you speak each letter fast, you will hear the statements and response.
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I figure these are the solution sentences :If you speak each letter out loud and fast, you will more or less hear them.
ABCD goldfish? Abby, see de goldfish?
LMNO goldfish. ..??.... am no goldfish (I can't quite work out the 'L'" sound here, unless it's French)
OSAR goldfish.
Oh yes they are goldfish

You can continue

ICM goldfish I see (th)em goldfish

CDBDI's (you can work this one out for yourself)

Best wishes, Clive

The whole thing goes like this and it's a sort of dirty kids rhyme so use discretion:

abcd goldfish? Abey see the goldfish?

LMNO goldfish Hell, them aint no goldfish!

OSAR! CMPN? Oh yes they are! See em peein?
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And then there's this one heard in a restaurant:






Emotion: tongue tied Is it "an ex" or "an axe"?

but what is an m?
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Emotion: tongue tied Not "an eggs"?
Have you any eggs?

Yes, we have eggs.

Have you any ham?


Oops! I had forgotten the E !
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