The pie charts given compare the percentage of money spent on restaurant meals and home cooking over the past 30 years, whereas the double line graph shows where people have had those meals out. There are two possible options: fast foods or sitting down restaurants. It can been clearly seen that nowadays more people eat out than they use to do in the past, but also that since recently people go to fast foods to eat out.

The pie charts show a huge increase in the budget spent by families on the number of meal that they eat at the restaurant. Just 10% of the food budget was spent on meals out in 1970 and 15% in 1980. This percentage more than double in 1990, with 35% of the food budget spent on meals out. But that’s not all, this percentage rose again in 2000 and boomed to 50%.

The second graph given shows that places where people eat those restaurants meals have also changed over the past 30 years. In 1970, the same number of people were eating in fast food and sitting down restaurant. Until the end of the 80’s slightly more people had their meals in sitting down restaurants than in fast food restaurants which were moderately less popular. However since 1990, fast food restaurants serve more meals to families than do the sitting down restaurants. In 2000, twice as many fast food meals are served to families as in sitting down restaurants.

In conclusion, it is clear that nowadays spend a higher percentage of the food budget in meals taken out but also that an increasing number of people rather enjoy having their food in fast food restaurant than in sitting down restaurants.
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