What is diversity? In The American Heritage Dictionary it is defined as “The fact or quality of being diverse; difference”. Is it a good factor or a bad factor? Have you ever thought about how diversity shaped our daily lives? What would this society be like if without diversity? What impact does diversity have on us educationally? Is diversity the only factor in school not counting on other grade like science, math, athlete ability, and music talent? Can we find a solution to the diversity? What could we benefit from the diversity? Diversity plays a very important in critical role in college and university admission policies.

Diversity gives a unique contribution to the education system. This diversity gives us the broader and different view on particular studies. That also will help achieve better understanding through the ideas of others. This point is particular true as in the essay “Race Is Never Neutral” Summer and Tribe assert “. . . universities have learned that racial diversity helps students confront perspectives other than their own forcing them to think more rigorously and imaginatively. Diversity also helps break down prejudices and stereotypes by showing students that every ethnic community includes a broad range of viewpoints and experiences and that imagined differences often turn out to be only skin deep.“ (Page 120-121) This basic explanation, emphasizes with new minds come unlimited potential for success in achieving a better studies. In conclusion, without diversity our student may not reach its fully potential as today in education process.

Diversity in college will greatly improve one's social skills throughout life. The fact is college student will gain more social contact with their classmates. More importantly they learned each other’s background and compare and contrast their culture among others. In “From the Majority Opinion in Grutter v. Bollinge”, O’Connor makes the assertion “. . .numerous studies show that student body diversity promotes learning outcomes and better prepares students for an increasingly diverse workforce and society, and better prepares them as professionals.” (Page 133) Today’s job skills need, people who have explored more cultures, different races, and ideas. While with America's prosperous diversity, it's only more suitable if every college student develop these social skills, through educational diversity. In conclusion our college will benefit all this to every student body and increase our knowledge to accept others race.

Further benefit from diversity can be found in today’s workforce and society. After a student graduated from their four year college or university, they will eventually look for a job. But America is a diverse society, and jobs require communication with different types of people from different parts of the world. Therefore, social skills are needed to do business with different types of people with unique backgrounds. In “From the Majority Opinion in Grutter v. Bollinge”, O’Connor affirms the assumption that college diversity “better prepares students for an increasingly diverse workforce and society”. (page 133)This is particularly true based on today’s marketing and job requirements. The social skill of interacting with different types of backgrounds cannot be achieved without such diversity. In conclusion this workforce will benefit from this diverse society and create a great environment to every worker.
In most cases the diversity take in account can benefits in greatly influence the society. As more different race attending the college and university it bring less tension between them. They might more likely accept of different culture and might have close relation affair. They will be more likely to be mix as marriage and give rise to future generations, which also change and become more diverse over time. This is basically what the theory of evolution is all about. The future baby will slightly different from their ancestors, larger ears, better vision etc. In the essay “From the majority Opinion in Grutter v. Bolling” O’Connor makes a statement “cross-racist understanding,” helps to break down racial stereotypes, and “enables [students] to better understand persons of different races.” (page133) These prove to be true as racial issue might be decrease as society is getting into diversity. In conclusion diversity is a big role play in college and university. It is more significant to improve our future baby born and idea over the generation to develop a better world and less racist society.

Some universities are class-based, mainly on people’s economics, because of the social standard difference. The white population tends to have the highest income over the other nationalities; therefore class-base cannot be avoided. In the essay “Solving the Diversity Dilemma”, Ziebarth makes a statement that “class-based diversity programs can be used to achieve the same end because most minorities tend to be poorer than whites.” (Page 127) This cannot be avoided as part of the student enrollment to college based on their income. He also makes a critical point that “racist diversity can be achieved without using skin color itself as a means of distinguishing among students”. (Page 127). In fact this is true as geographic area is different. In conclusion, some American colleges and universities wants the enrollment to be based on class but different geographic areas, where the white population is richer than the rest, causes racist diversity to be inevitable.

Class-based is just one factor for college to making admission decision instead of race-base. This is particular true base on the Ziebarth’s statement in his essay “Solving the Diversity Dilemma” he makes statement that “College take numerous factors into account in making admissions decisions”. (Page 127) Some of the college and university admit student not just base on their race but their score on SAT, entrance exam score result, science, math, athlete ability, and other talent. You can still be enrolling into an expensive college or university even when you grew up from a poor family. American student has the eligible to have student loan, and help from financial aid. Our American society is just too rich that our government is really to invest money on each of us (student) to be educating by attending low cost community college, or State College, and University.

In the issue of diversity it was significant to develop a change or adapt this change among us. Not just mix in marriage but the idea, and culture is getting to change to more diverse. After all, in the society we won’t have much big difference among us and relieve the tension among others.
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What role should diversity play in college and university admission policies?
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