Can someone please help me with the form for the following sentences :
You should go to the doctor. Is it future simple and is it subject+ verb past participle in the future tense ?
They stopped to talk to each other. past simple ? verb + verb + subject in past tense
They stopped talking to each other. past continuous verb to be + verb with ing + subject ?

I'll visit my grandmother tomorrow.
I'm going to visit my grandmother tomorrow. I knows both are future actions but am unsure how to define and unsure about form ?

I wish i'd known. some sort of conditional i think but again i dont know how to define this

Any help with these would be fantastic
You should go.
you ~ subject pronoun
should ~ modal verb
go ~ verb - bare infinitive form

They stopped ...
they ~ subject pronoun
stopped ~ verb - past simple

I'll visit ...
=I will visit ...
I ~ subject pronoun
will ~ modal verb
visit ~ verb - bare infinitive form
will visit ~ simple future tense

I'm going ...
=I am going
I ~ subject pronoun
am ~ auxiliary verb - a form of be
going ~ verb - present participle form
am going ~ present continuous tense (also called present progressive)

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Thanks CalifJim. I would really appreciate any help with the others, especially i wish i'd known.
But again thankyou it really helps
I missed that one.

I wish I'd known.
= I wish I had known.

I ~ subject pronoun
wish ~ verb - simple present
I ~ subject pronoun
had ~ auxiliary verb
known ~ verb - past participle
had known ~ past perfect tense

Thank you again CJ that really helps me. You are a star.
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