I was given a prompt to wite a 250-500 word essay about a meaningful experience, such as volunteer work, future dreams or goals, or anything defining me as a person. This is what i have come up with. Any comments would be appreciated!

As I set the trays on the table I wasn’t sure what to think. What would these people be like? Would they be receptive and talk with me? Many questions ran through my mind as the homeless people began to file into the cafeteria. I had volunteered to go spend my Friday night at the soup kitchen.

As soon as I arrived at the church where the event was being held I was put to work immediately. I helped prepare trays of food, pour drinks, and set up tables and chairs. This experience was one of the first opportunities in which I was able to work directly with the homeless. It left a lasting and immeasurable impression on me. Previously, I had thought that the homeless were those who were to lazy to work. I learned, however, that the majority of homeless people are unemployed because they have been laid off or have disabilities. I even met one young couple who had been evicted from their apartment because they could not pay the rent. Even though the husband was working two jobs, he was using that money to pay for college courses. I had a lot of sympathy for these people and did everything I could to make their meal enjoyable.

I have always enjoyed helping people and have dreamed of doing this by being a lawyer. I feel like it would give me the opportunity to help people who have been wrongly accused while at the same time making sure that the rightly accused get help before being released back into society. I also have strong moral values and I feel that I would be able to represent morality in a culture that is becoming increasingly devoid of it.

Another career goal that I would like to attain is to own a business. Spending the first half of my career as an attorney, and majoring in business administration, would hopefully give me the professional and educational background I would need to be a business owner.
What does your soup kitchen experience have to do with your career goal? I don't see the connection.
Well i know there is not really a connection between the last paragraph and the rest of the essay so im concidering taking it out. The third paragraph relates to volunteer work because it relates to helping people.